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Learn how to create appealing characters At your own pace with personal feedback on your progress

Personal Mentorship

Appeal Academy is not your traditional online course. It’s also a Mentorship, providing personal feedback crafted specifically for you and no one else. With each assignment that you complete, you will receive a personalized 30+ minute feedback video to help you push your character even further. By the time you go through the entire course you will have received close to 7 hours of personal feedback. Content that is crafted specifically for you and your progress.

How Does It Work?

  • After signing up for the Appeal Academy you will immediately receive access to all Appeal Academy lectures taking you through creating an entire character of your choice.
  • At the end of each lecture you will be provided an assignment to progress you through the steps of creating a character from beginning to end.
  • After submitting your assignment you will receive a hand crafted feedback video on your progress, giving you actionable steps to take your work to the next level.
  • At each stage of the course you will learn and practice new foundational design principles and the fundamentals of appealing form.
  • By the end of this course you will confidently flow through the steps of blockout, refinement, and polish.

What Is Included?

  • Self paced lectures taking you through creating a character from start to finish. Go through the lectures at your own pace and submit your character for review when you are ready.
  • Improvement focused assignments that will result in a polished 3D character.
  • Receive 6+ hours of personal feedback footage that is crafted specifically for you and your progress.
  • Lifetime access to all lectures and mentorship sessions.
  • Lifetime access to all bonus lectures from an ever growing library of content.
  • Lifetime access to the Appeal Academy’s private Discord group.


What do the lectures include?

The lectures will take you through learning the strong fundamentals of creating appealing shapes. Then you will learn the process for blocking out, refining, and polishing form. Additionally, we will have lectures focusing on sculpting the face, hair, clothing, posing, and more.

What do the bonus lectures include?

The bonus lectures are a collection of ever growing additional resources provided for you at no extra cost. These lectures go in depth on topics such as observation, efficiently using tools in ZBrush, rendering and lighting, and much more.

How long does it take to go through the content?

Because the course is self paced, everyone will take a different length of time to go through the lectures, assignments, and feedback. If you were to go through a lecture and assignment each week, the course would take roughly two months to finish, not including the bonus lectures.

The current total runtime of lecture content is 11.5 hours and 6+ hours of one on one Mentorship. Note that these numbers do not factor in time spent on the course, but represent the length of video content provided.

Do I need to know ZBrush for this course?

Yes, although the Appeal Academy features many helpful tips for tools and workflows within ZBrush from a technical standpoint, the focus of this class will be on learning design fundamentals to sculpt and improve appeal. You should have previous ZBrush experience and knowledge, as the course will assume that you have a firm grasp on the software from a technical standpoint.

Get up to speed here: How To ZBrush – An Absolute Beginner’s Guide

Can I use my own character design for this class?

Yes, but it is strongly advised against. You will see the most growth working from a highly polished 2D character design from another artist that exceeds your own abilites, giving you an opportunity to critically think about the original artist’s intent and learn from their work.

What all will I need for the class?

ZBrush. Seriously, that’s all you need. And because the Appeal Academy focuses on sculpting from an aesthetic standpoint, the version of ZBrush that you are using does not matter.

Can I use other software for this course?

Absolutely! Use what tool you are most comfortable with. However, do keep in mind that this course is taught using the ZBrush software.

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Your Guide

Ben De Angelis “Follygon” has a background in sculpting appealing characters for toys and life size figures for production in a variety of styles. Ben has worked on such IP as Pokemon, Barbie, Ghostbusters, Shrek, Hotel Transylvania, Madagascar, Flintstones, Clash of Clans and many more. He’s done heavily stylized characters such as the Looney Tunes, and as realistic as life-like pilots for the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Now Ben works as a freelancer and enjoys spending his free time creating content for others that enjoy digital sculpting. You can see more of Ben’s work at or

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