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Welcome to the Appeal Academy, where your journey into the world of digital sculpting reaches new heights.

I’m Follygon, a leading expert in the realm of digital sculpting, boasting over a decade of industry experience. Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon my YouTube channel, where I delve into the process of creating 3D characters. If you’re eager to delve deeper into the art of character creation and glean insights from my wealth of knowledge, you’ve come to the perfect destination.

As your guide, I’m dedicated to providing you with the tools, techniques, and expertise needed to unlock your full creative potential. Throughout the program, you’ll not only learn the technical aspects of sculpting but also gain invaluable insights into storytelling, anatomy, and character design. With a curriculum curated by an industry professional and tailored to bring out your best, you’ll embark on a transformative learning experience that sets the standard for digital sculpting education. Join me as we embark on this exciting adventure together!

Unbeatable Value

When the Appeal Academy first debuted, it offered comprehensive lectures guiding you through the entire journey of creating a 3D character from beginning to end.

But that was just the beginning. Since then, I’ve expanded the program to offer an abundance of additional resources and features, ensuring you receive unparalleled value for your investment.

With an extensive selection of comprehensive courses, diverse tutorials, and over 200 videos capturing the mentorship journeys of students— all seamlessly integrated at no additional cost— the value proposition presented here is truly unparalleled.

Want to delve into the specifics of everything included? Check out the FAQ section below for more details.

  • Expanded Curriculum: Dive deeper into the world of digital sculpting with the Appeal Academy’s expansive bonus lectures, tutorials, and full courses covering advanced techniques, new processes, and more. A total value of over $1,500.
  • Exclusive Resources: Gain access to a wealth of exclusive content, including downloadable assets, reference materials, and improvement-focused assignments designed to enhance your learning experience.
  • Community: Connect with like-minded artists, share your progress, and collaborate on projects through our vibrant online community forums.
  • Free Updates Forever: Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ll never be charged for new content added to the Appeal Academy. As the world of digital sculpting evolves, so too will your learning journey.
  • Lifetime Access: With lifetime access to all content, you can revisit lessons, explore new techniques, and continue honing your skills at your own pace, for as long as you desire.

Follygon Mentorship Program

Unlock your full artistic potential with personalized guidance from renowned digital sculptor, Ben De Angelis (Follygon). With years of experience sculpting characters for iconic brands like Pokemon, Clash of Clans, and many more, Follygon brings a wealth of expertise to help you elevate your craft. Renowned for mentoring individuals from leading companies like Disney and Blizzard Entertainment, as well as nurturing beginners taking their first steps in the world of digital sculpting, Follygon’s mentorship empowers artists at every stage of their journey.

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The Mentorship Collection

Dive into a comprehensive library featuring over 200 videos capturing the immersive, real-time mentorship experiences facilitated by Ben De Angelis “Follygon” himself. Each session is a goldmine of expertise and insights, providing invaluable guidance on mastering ZBrush, sculpting techniques, and the art of creating captivating 3D characters.

Embark on a journey alongside Appeal Academy students as they progress from conceptualization to completion, meticulously crafting stylized and appealing characters. Witness the entire process unfold, from selecting a 2D concept to mastering the fundamentals and ultimately bringing their vision to life in stunning 3D.

With an unparalleled wealth of high-quality educational content at your fingertips, the Mentorship Collection offers an unparalleled opportunity to hone your skills and unlock the secrets of sculpting compelling characters in ZBrush.


  • Gain access to a thriving, private community of artists from across the globe, united in their pursuit of growth and improvement.
  • Engage directly with Follygon, asking questions and showcasing your work.
  • Participate in engaging art challenges that both inspire and challenge you to reach new heights.
  • Share your artwork, seek advice, and receive prompt feedback from fellow members of our active community.
  • Participate in live chats and streaming sessions, connecting with fellow artists as you work on your projects.
  • Join a community that’s more than just a group—it’s a family that can’t wait to meet you!


What all is included in the Appeal Academy?

The main series of lectures within the Appeal Academy offers a comprehensive journey through the art of crafting appealing characters, covering every step from inception to completion. Beginning with a focus on mastering the foundational principles of creating captivating shapes, you’ll progress through the process of blocking out, refining, and polishing form to achieve stunning results. Additionally, dedicated lectures delve into sculpting the intricate details of the face, hair, clothing, and posing techniques, providing you with a well-rounded skill set to bring your characters to life.

In addition to the core curriculum, the Appeal Academy provides bonus lectures—an expansive collection of invaluable resources offered at no extra cost. These supplementary sessions delve deep into a variety of topics, including observation techniques, optimizing workflows in ZBrush, advanced techniques, and much more. Here you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise to further enhance your skills—all included as part of your membership, at no additional charge.

Appeal Academy Lectures: $600 Value

  • Where Should I Start?
  • Choose Your Character
  • Lecture 1: Foundation
  • Lecture 2: Blockout
  • Lecture 3: Refinement
  • Lecture 4: The Face
  • Lecture 5: Accessories
  • Lecture 6: Posing
  • Lecture 7: Polishing
  • Bonus Lecture: The Importance of Observation
  • Bonus Lecture: Creating Hyper Clean Shapes
  • Bonus Lecture: Efficiently Blockout Out a Character’s Head
  • Bonus Lecture: Efficiently Blocking Out Hands
  • Bonus Lecture: Understanding the Flow of Form
  • Bonus Lecture: Clothing and Accessories Continued

In addition to the core lectures and bonus content, the Appeal Academy offers complete courses as well as a plethora of tutorials to further enrich your learning experience.

These courses provide comprehensive instruction on a range of essential sculpting techniques and artistic principles. From mastering the intricacies of sculpting a stylized female head in ZBrush to exploring the nuances of lighting and rendering in Blender, each course is meticulously crafted to equip you with the skills needed to excel in your digital sculpting endeavors.

Comprehensive Courses: $316 Value

These tutorials cover a diverse array of topics, offering practical guidance and insights to enhance your sculpting proficiency. From exercises designed to improve your sculpting skills to tutorials on transforming photos into stylized 3D characters, each tutorial is designed to address specific aspects of the sculpting process, empowering you to refine your craft and unlock new creative possibilities.

Diverse Tutorials: $384 Value

The Appeal Academy Mentorship Collection: $200 Value

The Appeal Academy Mentorship Collection is a treasure trove of over 200 videos capturing the transformative journey of students as they progress through the Appeal Academy. Witness firsthand the growth, challenges, and triumphs of fellow artists as they refine their skills and unlock their artistic potential. Each video offers an intimate glimpse into mentorship sessions conducted by Follygon himself, providing invaluable insights, techniques, and tips on mastering ZBrush, sculpting, and the art of crafting captivating 3D characters. Whether you’re a novice seeking to refine your skills or a seasoned artist aiming to elevate your craft, this collection serves as a comprehensive companion on your quest for artistic excellence.

Discord Community

Our Discord Community offers far more than meets the eye. Beyond being a platform to showcase your artwork, seek guidance, and receive feedback, it’s a vibrant community where lasting connections are forged. Join a supportive network of fellow creatives, share insights, and cultivate lifelong friendships that extend far beyond the digital realm.

Total Value

With a combined value of over $1,500, you gain access to this remarkable resource at a significantly reduced price, saving over 60%. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to embark on a journey of growth, creativity, and camaraderie.

New content is updated and added all the time. Once you are a member of the Appeal Academy, you receive all future updates completely for free, forever.

How long does it take to go through the content?

Since the course is self-paced, the duration varies for each individual. Typically, completing one lecture and assignment per week would span about 2-3 months. Keep in mind, this timeline doesn’t include bonus lectures or additional courses and tutorials available in the Appeal Academy at no extra cost.

For an up-to-date list of all inclusions, refer to the section above detailing what’s included.

Do I need to know ZBrush for this course?

No prior knowledge of ZBrush is required. As part of the Appeal Academy, you’ll receive a complimentary download of “How To ZBrush – An Absolute Beginner’s Guide” and Sculpting a “Stylized Female Head in ZBrush.” These courses are designed to swiftly familiarize you with ZBrush, ensuring you’re equipped to navigate the program effectively.

If you’re new to ZBrush, it’s recommended to begin with these courses before delving into the main lectures provided in the Appeal Academy.

Can I use my own character design for this class?

While you can choose to work from your own designs, it’s highly recommended against. The most significant growth occurs when you work from a highly polished 2D character design created by another artist, surpassing your own abilities. This approach offers an opportunity to critically analyze the original artist’s intent and learn from their work.

Students who opt for designs beyond their current abilities typically experience faster improvement and a smoother, more seamless process overall.

What all will I need for the class?

ZBrush. Seriously, that’s all you need. And because the Appeal Academy focuses on sculpting from an aesthetic standpoint, the version of ZBrush that you are using does not matter. Everything taught here could be done on a version of ZBrush from over 10 years ago. However, the Academy continually covers new tools, features, and updated processes as they’re released.

Can I use other software for this course?

Absolutely, use the tool you’re most comfortable with. However, please note that this course is taught using ZBrush. While the aesthetic and fundamentals will apply regardless of the tool you use, specific tools and tips may not directly translate to other software.

Do you offer personal mentorship?

Yes! More info to come soon.

Furthermore, the Appeal Academy encompasses The Mentorship Collection, a priceless resource comprising over 200 videos. Take a glimpse below at two sample mentorship sessions. With over 200 additional sessions available, the Appeal Academy offers an extensive learning experience.

Is there a cheaper option/ payment plans available for the Appeal Academy?

At present, full payment is required to access all the exceptional content and benefits offered by the Appeal Academy. With a total value exceeding $1,500, you gain access to this remarkable resource at a significantly reduced price, saving over 60%.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, we encourage you to explore the Follygon Online Store, where you can purchase individual tutorials and tools.

Please be aware that due to the Appeal Academy’s provision of numerous free downloads of lectures, tools, and complete bonus courses, we do not offer refunds on purchases at this time.

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“I've done 5 years of Visual Art for games, but looking back I found there was incredibly little on how to make proper art. Mostly software and teamwork, but little to no art fundamentals. I never really knew why things looked right sometimes and why it didn't. Ben made me learn more about art in a few months than school did in 5 years!”

Bram Smulders

“It just felt like a privilege to have so much time dedicated to me, when most online instructors average around 5-20 minutes max. Usually just 5. Ben speaks down to earth, and doesn't have a holier than thou mentality. I greatly appreciated every feedback, where Ben answered questions specific to my concerns. Thanks for everything, this course set a new standard for online instructors.”

Rico Buehler

“Having an expert look at the specific mistakes I'm making, not only in the forms of the character, but from a workflow perspective, was invaluable. It's always frustrating when a tutorial or lesson you find online will take you through a very specific set of actions to get a result; having someone with a deep knowledge of this process look at MY project and MY issues was incredibly helpful.”

Chris Jennings

“It was amazing to be blocked or unsure how to proceed and then have Ben jump in and show me options on how he would go about next steps. I learned so much this way.”

Andrew Johnston

“Even though the lectures are great, for me, the course was even better for the mentorship aspect it had. Personal contact and feedback were more important for me. I believe that having a project is great because you can apply what is learned and improve upon it. Also, you finish the course with a new portfolio piece.”

Luiza Diniz

“I learned a ton from Ben and enjoyed the course a lot. He is a great teacher, keep up the good work!”

Chris Tello

“Before this course I was looking at a few different ones which mainly focused on creating a specific character. I liked the fact that in this course it was about picking a character that you wanted to make as well as it being a mentorship from the man himself. This just adds to the learning process as you get specific feedback on what you are doing right and wrong. I enjoyed this very much I will say out of all online resources this is up there as one of the courses I learned the most from, keep up the good work.”

Joshua Carty

“Its useful to get a professional's opinion on what you are doing since there are things that you do wrong or seem wrong but you don't spot them or know you did them. And as someone who's never done a character before, it comes in handy to see what you did well and what needs fixing.”

Caleb Moore

Your Instructor

With years of experience sculpting characters for iconic brands like Pokemon, Clash of Clans, and many more, Ben De Angelis (Follygon) brings a wealth of expertise to help you elevate your craft. Renowned for mentoring individuals from leading companies like Disney and Blizzard Entertainment, as well as nurturing beginners taking their first steps in the world of digital sculpting, Follygon empowers artists at every stage of their journey.

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