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Learn how to create appealing characters At your own pace
with personal feedback on your progress

The Appeal Academy

The Appeal Academy now comes in two flavors! The Appeal Academy: Full Membership, which includes the self paced lectures, improvement focused assignments, personal mentorship, lifetime access to all lectures, bonus lectures, and the Appeal Academy’s private Discord group.

And the Appeal Academy: Light, which includes everything the full course includes, but does not include assignment submissions and the subsequent 8 handcrafted mentorship sessions that the full course boasts.

Sculpt Like A Pro

Everything you need to sculpt like a pro! All brushes, materials, and UI downloads include free updates for life. Anytime I update or add a brush to this pack, you will be able to download the changes for free.


You can do a lot with the most simple of tools. But you want the best tool for the job. That’s what my main sculpting brushes are.

Some of the Brushes in this pack are improvements on brushes that already, or did at one point, exist in ZBrush by default. They are modifications that I have made to the brushes over the years to make them work better for myself, and hopefully you too. I’ve also thrown in some insert mesh brushes that will help speed up your workflow immensely. Enjoy!

Additionally, here are some specific brushes for when the standard brush just isn’t enough.


Base Meshes